The WasteShark

The WasteShark is an autonomous aquatic drone which effectively collects surface water waste

Drone Solutions Enables Underwater Inspection

Use of Underwater drone to inspect the conditions of water sensors: Safely, Inexpensively and Effectively

Ligh-T Your Solution To Unlimited Flights

Ligh-T V.4 is a ruggedized tethered drone station, offering extended possibilities for police forces, first responders and drone operators requiring a permanent aerial position. Designed to withstand harsh transport conditions and deployable on any type of terrain, Ligh-T V.4 can be operational in seconds through its Dual Mode Tether Management.

Compatible with DJI Matrice 200 V.2; DJI Matrice 200

DJI Inspire; 1DJI Inspire 2; DJI S900; DJI Matrice 100

Yuneec H920, Acecore Zoe, 

ORION Unlimited Survelience

ORION is an automated, powerful and highly portable tethered drone system. Designed for continuous aerial day and night surveillance over large areas. It is perfectly adapted for demanding law enforcement, private security, public safety missions and military uses.