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Aquatic Environmental

Water quality, underwater, ROV, lake, reef,  drone

A full environmental river, lake, coastal area and other water body,  mapping consists of a combined aerial and aquatic operation

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Snapshot and in-depth survey of the underwater and aerial infrastructure components 

  • Dams /hydropower plant, 
  • Barrage for flood control, 
  • Bridge

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Fish Farming, drone , ROV, aquaculture, UST

  • Offshore aquaculture inspection
  • Fishnet inspection
  • Water quality control at different depth
  • Sea floor inspection under fish farming

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Aerial Surveillance

Surveillance, UAV, tethered, law enforcement, unlimited flight

  • Spot day and night surveillance with tethered systemes for 24/7 flight 

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Underwater, Drone, ROV , rental surveillance, fish farming, UST

  • Underwater Drone (ROV) 4K video, up to 150m diving depth
  • Surveillance Tethered UAV

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Emergency Services


  • USAR
  • Rapid Assessment
  • Security
  • Humanitarian operation support 

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